Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

My recommendation, an unexpected love story -- The Awful Truth. The film was directed by Leo McCarey, the screenplay based on the play of the same name and written by Arthur Richman. The featured actors include Irene Dunne, who was nominated for Best Actress, and a fabulous Cary Grant. The real treat, Skippy! A true scene stealer, Skippy, as Mr. Smith, the dog in the forefront of a custody battle, displayed both great range of emotion and outstanding comedic talent. You may recognize Skippy as Asta (credited as) in M-G-M's The Thin Man series and Bringing Up Baby.

I suggest a new Oscar category -- Best Featured Dog or Cat! Skippy aka Asta -- deserves the Academy Award for Best Featured Doggy!

McCarey won an Academy Award for direction. Also starring, Ralph Bellamy. In the same year, McCarey also directed the brilliant and heart wrenching film, Make Way For Tomorrow.

The Awful Truth
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