Monday, April 4, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor in Father of the Bride

The second film in this tribute to Elizabeth Taylor is Father of the Bride. This 1950 film, directed by Vincente Minelli, stars Elizabeth Taylor as the lovely Kay on the eve of her wedding. Spencer Tracy plays her father, Stanley Banks, a suburban lawyer, who looks back to the day three months earlier when he learned that Kay became engaged to Buckley Dunstan, played by Don Taylor. Joan Bennett is the lovely Ellie Banks, mother of the bride. The wedding reception is one Stanley will never forget. With both joy and heartache, Stanley and Ellie wish Kay off to her honeymoon.

Taylor is touchingly sweet in this role and we clearly understand the depth of affection between "Pops" and Kay. Also starring Billie Burke. The film's release coincided with the wedding of Taylor to Nicky Hilton. Costumes (and Taylor's real-life wedding gown) were designed by Helen Rose.

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