Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scary Movies & Thrillers!

In the spirit of Halloween, here is a selected list of scary movies & thrillers from the Criterion Collection. Be sure to check out the extras and be sure to check out the many more outstanding thrillers from Criterion.

Happy Halloween!

The Blob (1958) --cult classic, great special effects, with Steve McQueen,

Diabolique (1955) -- Thriller from Henri‑Georges Clouzot -- is the story of two women who hatch a daring revenge plot -- stars Simone Signoret -- truly terrifying

Flesh for Frankenstein (1978) -- written and directed by Paul Morrissey - new twist on the dysfunctional family and the Frankenstein story

Knife in the Water (1962) -- a middle-aged couple invite a young hitch-hiker aboard their sail-boat for an outing in the Polish lake district -male competition, knife-wielding action, a thriller from Roman Polanski

Peeping Tom
(1960) -- from the remarkable Michael Powell -- this thriller focuses on a voyeuristic maniac who kills women while filming them with his 16mm camera

Repulsion (1965) -- another thriller from Roman Polanski -- stars Catherine Deneuve as a fragile young woman who comes apart when left alone in her apartment -- surreal and spectacular

Silence of the Lambs (1991) -- from director Jonathan Demme -- starring Anthony Hopkins in a superb performance as Hannibal the Cannibal and a wonderful Jodie Foster as FBI agent Clarice Starling, winner of numerous Academy Awards -- absolutely terrifying

The Vanishing (1988) -- suspense thriller about a young man and his obsessive search for his girlfriend after she mysteriously disappears during their sunny vacation getaway

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