Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Through the Camera Lens"

Moving Picture World was one of the most important of the many trade publications for the American film industry. It began publication on March 9, 1907 and appeared weekly until January 7, 1928 when it became Exhibitors Herald and Moving Picture World.

"Through the Camera Lens:" The Moving Picture World and the Silent cinema Era, 1907-1927 is a full-text searchable database and an essential resource for the study of the early years of American cinema. In addition to feature articles, the publication reviewed current film releases, contained news about the industry and included interviews. This database is licensed from Gale Cengage Learning and is only available to Columbia affiliates from this link.

If you are affiliated with another university or college -- please check with your library for access.

Also -- open access is available from The Media History Digital Library. They have scanned issues of Moving Picture World from 1907-1919. You can browse issues and download PDF articles from their site. 

This database is highly recommended.

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